About us

VinusVinis.co.uk is an online store dedicated to the distribution and marketing of wines, cavas, champagnes, whiskeys, spirits and all sorts of gourmet products under some assumptions:

  • Selling quality products at competitive prices.
  • Specialization in low supply and high demand products.
  • Quality in all our services, personal attention, quick and clear.

VinusVinis.co.uk aims to be a platform for the sale of wine, spirits and gourmet leading Internet products.

VinusVinis.co.uk uses e-commerce as the main sales channel, trying to reach all users the best possible product and variety.

In VinusVinis.co.uk we offer you all our experience in the world of wine and spirits gained through over 30 years dedicated exclusively to this sector.

In VinusVinis.co.uk want to encourage you to try our service, we believe you will enjoy it.


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Vinus Vinis SL

C/ Alexandre Galí, 45, A, 3-2

08027 Barcelona (Spain)

Tlf. +34 93 511 12 03