If you are a citizen from outside the European Union you will have to pay the VAT corresponding to the order, but you can request the refund of the same at the time of your departure from the European Union.

You have to know that the minimum purchase amount to be able to request the VAT return is 90.16€.

If you meet these requirements, you only have to let us know through the contact form and give us the order number and the following information:

- Name and surname (exactly as it appears on your passport)

- Your passport number

- Your nationality

- Contact email

At the moment of the delivery of your order, you will find a form inside the package that you will have to fill in and submit to the customs office of the place where you leave the European Union. Remember that you will have to show the products subject to TaxFree in the Customs Office. The Customs Office will seal the form and the invoice of purchase that we have provided you (click here to know more).

With the two sealed documents you will have to go to the Innova TaxFree office (click here to the Innova TaxFree offices search), where you will get the reimbourse of the amount that appear on the form that you will have received with the order.

The refund can be made by cash or credit card.

What happen if I travel to another country in the European Union?

In this case, you will have to do the paperwork at the place of exit of the European Union.

What will they give me back?

You can calculate the amount to return by clicking here.